Way to generate leads in business

Generating leads in business is crucial. If rightly tapped, leads have a high potential to be converted into sales. And making use of leads to boost up your business is extremely important. So how do you generate these leads? How to make sure you have amole leads, enough to convert them into actual sales? Take a look at these tips:

Engage with your leads:
You have to find out ways and means to make sure you reach out to your leads. Decide what your target crowd is, study their behavior patterns, choices and everything else relevant to you. This will help you understand them better, and will thus help you to formulate the perfect lead generating strategy for your business. Whatever plan you have charted out, you have to ensure that all actions taken by you are helping you connect to your leads directly.


Use technology:
Technology is the best way to help you find more leads. And making sure you are using the relevant technology to ensure you reach your leads is essential too. Keep an eye on the changing technological scenario – you have to explore and exploit these aspects to reach more leads, convince them and then further convert them into your sales.

Use software:
Instead of racking up your brains as to where to find leads from, you can make use of software which provide you ready information of market analysis. This information comes extremely handy when you want to establish a proper lead-generation programme in your organization.

Social media presence:

You need to have a bang on social media presence – you exist only if you have an active social media presence and identity. So take extra efforts to post relevant content, quirky stuff, things that will appeal your target crowd on the social media handles of your company.

Share videos:
Almost everyone on this planet actively uses YouTube – so why not make use of this opportunity? You need to know that people find content like this more appealing. And although coming up with video content can be a bit difficult, time-consuming and a costly affair too, you will forget it all once you will forget it all once you see the number of leads you managed to generate through this medium.

So, already started planning your lead-generation strategy? Well, make sure you keep these tips in mind!

Role of a business development manager

Business development is the all-new arena, the most happening career choice. The challenges that come with this job are what make it more appealing – you have to keep a watch on the market scenarios, analyze and understand them and formulate strategies that will add qualitative as well as quantitative value to your organization. Apart from this, what are the roles of a business development manager in an organization? Let’s have a look:

You have to keep reading, knowing, finding more information related to your target crowd. Keeping yourself updated with the facts, figures, changing trends in the market are aspects that will help you come up with innovative as well as relevant strategies to add value to your business.


changing trendsYour team is your most significant asset – so use them well! All the information that you managed to gather and understand, convey it well to your team. You can keep the discussion open to receive suggestions and ideas from them too. If not, make sure you communicate your ideas and plans to them and get them working on it right away.

Attend events:
By visiting events, marking your presence in functions, you are only developing more contacts, which will further turn out to be potential leads. Lead generation is an essential part of business development, and as a manager; you need to keep yourself on the move to make sure you secure more relevant contacts for your business. And maintaining an active presence in the corporate world will definitely help you do this.

Observe the numbers:
Observing, analyzing and understanding the figures and facts relevant to your business is your task. These numbers will help you with the forecasting of sales, expected revenue, which is essential for you to set targets. Targets will be more achievable if set on the basis of crucial facts and figures.


While you may have the required skills in hand, the team working under you may not. To bring them up to expected standards, conduct intense training sessions to ensure your team is ready to take up all the challenging tasks that come their way. Training your team and making them understand what exactly they are expected to do will help them understand their role in the organization in a better manner.

Goals of the organization:
Whatever you do – plans you create, strategies you chart out, all have to be in sync with the objectives of the organization. After all, the result has to be to achieve the core goals for what the organization was set up in the first place.

Banks vs Non Conforming Lenders

It is rare to find a business that is built or expanded using a single source of fund, let alone the owner’s personal money. Often financing is necessary, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Unlike a residential property that only costs a few hundred thousands or millions, a commercial property can cost so much more. And since a commercial property is set to generate income down the road, financing it has a higher guarantee of return than financing a residential property.

If you are planning to start your own business, taking out a bank loan may be your best option for funding. Keep in mind, however, that applying for such a large loan does not come easy. Banks are concerned about your ability to pay, which is why they will require as much proof as possible before they approve your application. There are several things they will have to ask of you.

Collateral to Back Up Your Loan

As previously mentioned, the bank you are seeking loan from wants to make sure that their investment is secure. As such, they will ask you to present a collateral that could reduce the risk they have to take when they invest in your business. The collateral usually comes in the form of an asset and its kind and value will depend on the size of the loan.

Each type of security or collateral represents a unique set of risks for the banks. The more risks the security helps eliminate, the greater the chance the bank will accept it. Examples of assets that you can present as security are offices, factories, warehouses, and retail spaces. A residential property, such as a house or townhouse is also a good collateral for a commercial loan. Special types of asset such as car yards and aged care centres are less appealing to lenders because they are more difficult to value.

Financial Details

Presenting a collateral is not enough to persuade the bank or any lender that your proposal is viable. Depending on their strategy, they may ask you to present certain financial information, such as all current and past loans and debts incurred, all bank accounts, investment accounts, credit card accounts, and of course, supporting information including tax ID numbers, addresses, and complete contact information.

Insurance Information

While death of one or more of the owners of the business is a rare occurrence, banks consider it as a risk that needs to be managed properly. They don’t want to lend money to a business whose finances can easily be shaken by the loss of a founder. So expect that they will ask you to purchase insurance against such circumstances.

There are many other documents that can support your application for commercial loan. Unfortunately, with policies becoming tighter, it will still be difficult to get approval. In case the bank turns down your application, make sure that you have other options to look at. For instance, you may consider going to non conforming lenders for funding solutions.

Non conforming lenders offer loans in a much more lenient way. They do not follow the standard procedure for approving commercial loan applications that most banks use. You may also consider hiring business finance brokers. Experts like IBN Direct can connect you to the most reliable financers.

6 Common Types of Business Services That You Need To Know

Looking to start or use a business service but not entirely sure what they are? Well a business service is any company or individual who, instead of selling a physical product, provide a type of service. The advancement of technology has meant that business services are becoming more and more popular as people seek to find others to perform tasks for them, they are unable to do themselves. Below is a list of six types of business services you should know about.

1.Financial services
Financial services is a blanket term for a lot of different type of providers which are related to anything monetary. Examples of these could be:
•Insurance providers
•Real estate agencies
•Investment consultants
•Financial planners

professional service

2.Transportation Services
The transportation sector has become largely watered down in terms of more and more privatization. Companies like Uber have shown that transportation services can extend to absolutely any transport related provides which can include:
•Taxi services
•Bicycle rentals
•Car rental agencies
•Bus and train services


3.Professional services
Professional services an include individuals that fall into other categories. Professional services are service providers where the individual has had to obtain a professional qualification in order to be a provider. This includes but is not limited to:
•Financial planner
•Web developer


4.Medical & Health services
This category does not only include your local medical practitioner and surgeon, medical and health services incorporate a range of professions that all center around the physical as well as mental and emotional health of an individual. Some type of medical services are:
•Doctors/ surgeons
•Councilors/ psychologists
•Personal trainers
•Life coaches


5.IT services
Go back a decade or two ago and the IT services would not have been a category of their own. But gone are the day where every business had a sole IT person who managed a few servers and installed windows on the company laptops. Now, IT services include a number of different positions and services being provided:
•Technical support
•Web developers
•IT security
•Network providers/ specialists


6.Personal services
These are services that exist to make every day life easier. The 21st century is a very busy lifestyle and within the rush, a market has arisen that seeks to make peoples live that little bit more productive by offering to do certain everyday tasks for people, so they do not have to. Some of these include:
•Mobile pet grooming services
•Laundry collect and delivery service
•Mobile grocery services
•Personal chef

As can be seen above, business services are in many ways dominating the global market as life has become less about selling products and more about providing services. This is because globalization has made acquiring products so much easier however, there are so many different types of skills and services required to function in the 21st century which is why there is now a service provider for almost anything. Services are a great way at ensuring certain tasks are completed when individuals do not have the capacity to do it themselves.

Successful business development tips

There are various aspects pertaining to business development – a successful business development strategy is one that encompasses all these aspects. As a business development manager, you have to make sure that the decisions you may, policies you formulate are all revolving around these foundational aspects. But what exactly are these aspects? Read on to know more:

Know the difference between growth and development:
Growth is more quantitative in nature – it focuses on numbers and how to improve them, whereas, development considers more of the qualitative aspects. You need to build your development strategies in such a manner that your firm is enhanced qualitatively. It’s a misconception that businesses function only on growing numbers. You have to make sure that your business is equally proficient on the qualitative terms too.

Hire the right people:

You may have the greatest of ideas or plans in mind, but if you don’t have the right team to implement those, you’re at a loss. Hiring is the most critical function of an organization – if you want your plans to work well, you have to make sure you have a team which is well equipped with the relevant skills to keep up with all the challenges to come.

Always look out for opportunities:
Business is all about looking out for and seizing the right opportunities at the right time. That’s how your business will develop and grow. You have to be on your toes, with your eyes and ears open at all times. Striking the iron while it’s hot is important to make sure you make the best out of the deal.

Assign responsibility and evaluate:
You have to assign tasks and responsibility for all of those to the relevant teams or persons. This will help you analyze performances of your employees and help them work on the areas they are lacking.

Train your team:

Training is an essential part of an organization. To bring the team’s existing skills to the expected and required levels, the organization has to conduct various sessions, camps, brainwashing sessions to make sure their employees are up to the mark.

Work on your social media presence:
Social media is an essential place where you have to mark your presence. Working on your image in social media is, and it will definitely help you build a larger contact base and come up with potential leads.

These are the aspects you need to consider while creating a successful business strategy.