6 Common Types of Business Services That You Need To Know

Looking to start or use a business service but not entirely sure what they are? Well a business service is any company or individual who, instead of selling a physical product, provide a type of service. The advancement of technology has meant that business services are becoming more and more popular as people seek to find others to perform tasks for them, they are unable to do themselves. Below is a list of six types of business services you should know about.

1.Financial services
Financial services is a blanket term for a lot of different type of providers which are related to anything monetary. Examples of these could be:
•Insurance providers
•Real estate agencies
•Investment consultants
•Financial planners

professional service

2.Transportation Services
The transportation sector has become largely watered down in terms of more and more privatization. Companies like Uber have shown that transportation services can extend to absolutely any transport related provides which can include:
•Taxi services
•Bicycle rentals
•Car rental agencies
•Bus and train services


3.Professional services
Professional services an include individuals that fall into other categories. Professional services are service providers where the individual has had to obtain a professional qualification in order to be a provider. This includes but is not limited to:
•Financial planner
•Web developer


4.Medical & Health services
This category does not only include your local medical practitioner and surgeon, medical and health services incorporate a range of professions that all center around the physical as well as mental and emotional health of an individual. Some type of medical services are:
•Doctors/ surgeons
•Councilors/ psychologists
•Personal trainers
•Life coaches


5.IT services
Go back a decade or two ago and the IT services would not have been a category of their own. But gone are the day where every business had a sole IT person who managed a few servers and installed windows on the company laptops. Now, IT services include a number of different positions and services being provided:
•Technical support
•Web developers
•IT security
•Network providers/ specialists


6.Personal services
These are services that exist to make every day life easier. The 21st century is a very busy lifestyle and within the rush, a market has arisen that seeks to make peoples live that little bit more productive by offering to do certain everyday tasks for people, so they do not have to. Some of these include:
•Mobile pet grooming services
•Laundry collect and delivery service
•Mobile grocery services
•Personal chef

As can be seen above, business services are in many ways dominating the global market as life has become less about selling products and more about providing services. This is because globalization has made acquiring products so much easier however, there are so many different types of skills and services required to function in the 21st century which is why there is now a service provider for almost anything. Services are a great way at ensuring certain tasks are completed when individuals do not have the capacity to do it themselves.